Nimbus Alliance

Nimbus Alliance is a new classical record label created to offer international distribution to recordings licensed to Nimbus Records but not originated by the company. Nimbus Alliance will consider projects from new artists trying to find a home for recordings they have made privately or from mature artists who find that their back catalogue is no longer available due to changing fashion or industry mergers. All releases will be managed through the existing export, mail-order, download, synchronisation and retail channels of Wyastone Estate Limited and stock will be co-ordinated and manufactured at the companies facilities in Monmouth, UK and New Jersey, USA. The basic terms of a Nimbus Alliance contract are that rights in the recording remain with the artist who licenses the master to Nimbus on a fixed term and for a share of net profits. Each project will exist as a separate entity so that artists will enjoy the benefit of Nimbus's global sales organisation whilst also being free to develop their own individual brand identity within the Nimbus Alliance family.

Popular Alliance Artists